Kea at McKinnon Pass

Kea at Mckinnon Pass - Limited edition Print  - Limited to 850 Prints
This print is made to order and is delivered rolled.
Each print will be signed and numbered by me personally and I will provide an accompanying certificate of authenticity.

Winner People’s Choice Award - Otago Art Society 2018 Summer Exhibition   ORIGINAL SOLD  by Central Art Gallery, Queenstown

Infamous for their intelligence, mischievous, playful and sometimes destructive antics, the kea’s beauty is often well hidden from view, high upon the mountain passes, their castle is in the clouds. Their ability to change from drab olive green to a vivid coat of many colours, orange – red under the wing and change in the light with flashes of iridescent electric blues and greens rivals any magician’s trick. For their curiosity, kea have joined the critically endangered species list.


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